We are happy to say, the migration process is moving rather quickly from V1 to V2, and we are ahead of schedule.


    • All 80 episodes of The Defalco Files
    • SINNdiculousness
    • Several Cinematic Matches
    • A few miscellaneous events


    • FSW Lowdown
    • 127 episodes of High Octane remain to be added. These are technically in the system but require a few tweaks before going live.

We have also fixed a permission isue that was causing yearly members not to be able to view all content.

There will be a required maintenance coming up soon as we will need to move all of our hosted video files to a new, larger server and update our backend URLs. We will try to do this at a non peak time. Once this is complete, the V2 site will replace the V1 completely.


If you are a current subscriber to the FSW Network, you SHOULD have received an email with a special offer code to get a free month of the FSW Network. If you did not receive that email, please contact us to get your code. Starting later in the month to early December you will need to have your account migrated to the v2 site. Using this code will help move your billing to the new system so that there is no downtime. Plus, you get a free month of service! We will update your account once you have created it to reflect your actual time remaining on your subscription from the old system plus your free month.


Use coupon code 25NOV to get 25% off of a new account and automatically get access to the v1 site while we are still moving content (Separate email sent within 24 hours with log in details). Save money and get access to everything Future Stars of Wrestling today. This offer expires soon.


While content migration is a large part of the move to the new system, so is account migration. With your help, by using the coupon code we provided, this will go quicker and easier. If you do not switch your account with the code, we will need to manually create your account and assign the current package you are on. While this will work and you will continue to get billed through the old system until you cancel or update your account, it will not reflect correctly in the new backend until your account is fully switched over. For users who have an email on file, we will be sending reminder emails out and offering help through the process over the next few weeks. You can also email contact@indystars.co or message Ben Hall on Facebook for assistance. Unfortunately, those who currently use Facebook to log in we do not have a way to contact you at this time