How Do I Watch The FSW Network On My Phone Or TV

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The FSW Network is fully supported on both Windows & MAC PC & Laptops. However, we do offer limited support on both mobile and smart devices. At this time, we offer mobile applications. We do plan to release television applications at a later time.


Please note that we do not claim full support on any device that is not a Windows or MAC PC or Laptop. We will do our best to offer limited support if you are running into issues on your device. Please use our contact methods for assistance.


We do offer mobile applications for both Android & iOS. They can be downloaded from the links below.


The FSW Network is a Chromium Browser Based solution. Any Smart Device with an internet browser should be able to be utilized to watch the FSW Network. We have created a video for Fire TV users that can be used for most Smart Devices.

[videopress kkZg67FN]

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